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A good mobile app ux design usually stands tall on three aspects, namely: acceptability, accessibility and intuitiveness.

The underlying thought behind the forgoing is that not only should a good ux be user-centric but it should also be business-centric in so much as visibility is concerned and technology-centric making it viable.

That being said, anything that enhances the human - mobile app interaction is found to be a progressive design. therefore, a good mobile app ux is also one where design elements are able to mimic aspects of human interaction. and give users a comfort of familiarity.

We also believe that playfulness is quite central to human interaction. Personally, we recommend a greater emphasis on playfulness/interactivity in pushing the ux/ui to the next level.

Perhaps, humanizing user experience is the answer to some of the problems faced by a large number of web driven user interfaces for mobile apps.

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